Duckiebot MOOC Founder’s Edition | Duckiebot DB21 人工智慧自走車 | Duckietown | 小鴨城

NT$11,000 未稅

The DuckieTown founder’s edition is a do-it-yourself hardware for assembling a model self-driving car. It is available in 4 variants, defined by the presence of the computational unit and battery. It is designed to operate in a DuckieTown urban environment. The DB has two wheels which can be controlled independently through DC motors. A third passive omnidirectional wheel provides equilibrium. This configuration is known as differential-drive. It is equipped with 4 RGB addressable LED’s, plug and play sensor suite, NVIDIA Jetson Nano 2GB developer board and custom made power bank. To facilitate user interface it is also equipped with bi-chromatic I2C screen and a non-latching shut-off button.

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